Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Luke 19:1-10

Zaccheus was a short guy (I feel his pain!) but he didn't let that hinder his pursuit of seeing Jesus. He could have been content to hear about Jesus or even hear the words of Jesus but he wanted to and needed to see Jesus. My fear is that often we get so caught up in hearing or reading the words of Jesus, or even busying ourselves working for him, that we don't see him.

When we commune with Jesus, when we eat the bread and drink the wine, do we only see our sin and the consequence of it (his death) or do we see him in the glory of his resurrection. When we help someone who is hurting do we take comfort in doing what Jesus asked his disciples to do or do we see the face of Jesus and respond out of a deep and abiding love for his sacrifice. When we study scripture do we learn information that will help us be better people or do we come face to face with and see a loving Savior that transforms every aspect of our lives. Although he has promised to always be there and will never leave us there are times we don't see him.

When we go through times of not seeing Jesus, how do we respond. Are we content to wait around on him until he can get our attention or do we follow the example of Zaccheus. Zaccheus refused to let anything hinder him in his pursuit to see Jesus. He was willing to change both location and perspective to see clearly. He knew that if he was willing to seek that he would find the face of Jesus. Once he saw him he received him gladly. That reception was a blessing and that sighting was responsible for transformation.

Daily we have opportunity to receive Jesus. Sometimes we need to change our location. Sometimes we need a change of perspective, but all the time we have to opportunity to see Jesus. It may be that you see him in the revelation of his word. It may be that you see him in the practice of spiritual discipline. Maybe you see him in the face of the people God has put into your life. Regardless of how you see him know that you can see him, and when you do, receive him gladly. Then brace yourself for the joy of his blessing and the wonder of his transforming power.


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